Advance Vastu Course

Learn About 45 Devtas in Detail and their implementation in Home/ Office / Business/ Industry and Become a Professional Vastu Consultant
Batch Starts:- 5- March - 24
Course Fee:- 7250/-
Duration:- 21 Days Timings:- 6:40 to 8:30 pm Daily ( Sunday Off)

Advance Vastu 5 March 24


10k+ Student Enrolled

Course Fee : ₹23000/-  ₹7250/-

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Advance Vastu Course Contents

Join Advance Vastu online course and learn

✅45 Devta Energy Fields

✅Role of energy fields in different types of Industries and to activate and balance them for perfect and smooth working of that Industry.

✅How to balance Devta Fields with Divs, Studs, Springs and Home Remedies

✅ Testing the land and analysing their Prakriti and their Suitability for a work.

✅Intution Development and knowing about Land energies with Aura Scanner

✅Industrial Vastu

✅Business Vastu

✅Finding and curing negative energies


✅Scanning of energy fields and treating them

✅How to do vastu intuitively and build intuitions

✅Placement of 3D Remedies at a particular Devta Field for perfect results

✅Geopathic stress

✅Treatment of Land energies with Food groceries , Divs , Studs, Springs and all the advance techniques .

✅Analysing the Negative energies and their treatment to get 💯percent results of Vastu.

✅Planning a construction of Building from Land testing till Completion

✅Enhance a particular Business by knowing its Particular energy and giving them booster remedies .

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Are you tired of facing problems in your life that seem to have no explanation or solution?

Learn 45 Devtas in One Video

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Benefits to Join The Course

  1. Certified Course
  2. Live Interactive Classes with Doubt Sessions
  3. Lifetime Support
  4. All the course material will be provided in PDF format for future reference
  5. All time access to the doubt classes held time to time after the course completion
  6. Personal problems of every student will be solved
  7. Each student will be added in a public forum where you can contact your batchmates and the Acharya directly for healthy discussions.
  8. All the remedies at approximate 50% discount for students for lifetime
  9. Pursue as a Professional Vastu Consultant.

Are these your daily Struggles?

Stagnant career growth

Financial hurdles

Health deterioration

Missed opportunities

Sleep troubles

Emotional turmoil

Unfulfilled dreams

Lack of focus and clarity

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धर्माधिकारी धर्मात्मा सर्वकार्येषु निष्ठितः। वास्तुविघ्नैर्न बाध्येत यस्यामिष्ठानि कर्मणि।।

Translation: One who adheres to Vastu principles remains steadfast in all actions and is not hindered in their endeavours.


अंकानां प्रभवं ज्ञात्वा सर्वकार्याणि सिद्धयेत्। ज्योतिषशास्त्रेषु गुह्यं यत्तत्सर्वं प्रकाशितम्।।

Translation: By understanding the influence of numbers, one can unveil the hidden truths present in the cosmic sciences.

Professional Numerology And Vastu:

वास्तुशास्त्रांकज्ञानेन सर्वकार्येषु वै सिद्धिः। गृहांकविन्यासयुक्तिया सुखशांतिः प्रवर्धते।।

Translation: By harmoniously integrating the knowledge of Vastu and Numerology, one cultivates an environment of peace and prosperity in their surroundings.

Exclusive Course Perks

Solutions Galore:

Personal challenges? We've got your back. Every student's issue is addressed.

Comprehensive Curriculum:

Enjoy real-time online classes where you can interact with the teacher and clear your doubts instantly.

Earn Your Badge

Walk away with a recognized certification.

Doubts? No More!

Get anytime access to our doubt-clearing sessions, even after course completion.

Stay Updated:

Benefit from our regular upgrade sessions on diverse topics.

Lifetime Perks:

Avail exclusive 50% discounts on remedies – forever!

Experience Advance Vastu Magic with our Passionate Mentor

Acharya Vikul Bansal

Acharya Vikul Bansal is a highly esteemed Vastu consultant with an impressive 12 years of experience in the field. As the founder of Pinnacle Vastu, he has dedicated his career to guiding individuals and businesses towards achieving harmony, prosperity, and success through the principles of Vastu Shastra. Bansal's journey began with a deep-rooted passion for Vastu, leading him to extensively study and practice the ancient Vedic science of architecture and design. His expertise and in-depth understanding of Vastu principles have enabled him to assist countless clients in transforming their living and working spaces, aligning them with the natural energies for optimal well-being and abundance. Bansal's commitment to Vastu consultancy has earned him a reputation as a trusted and reliable advisor, known for his practical solutions and personalized approach to addressing the unique needs of each client. His profound knowledge and experience have allowed him to successfully resolve a wide range of Vastu-related challenges, earning the respect and admiration of those who have sought his guidance. As the founder of Pinnacle Vastu, Bansal has established a reputable platform for disseminating Vastu knowledge and providing valuable insights into the ancient science. His dedication to sharing his expertise and empowering individuals with the transformative potential of Vastu has made him a prominent figure in the Vastu consultancy domain. With his unwavering commitment and passion for Vastu, Acharya Vikul Bansal continues to make a significant impact, enriching the lives of many through the harmonious integration of Vastu principles.

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Anyone seeking personal growth, improved well-being, career advancement, or wishing to become a Vastu & Numerology consultant can benefit from this course.
No prior knowledge is required. This course is designed for beginners, and our expert instructors will guide you through the fundamentals step-by-step.
The classes are live and interactive, allowing you to ask questions and clear doubts in real-time. However, recordings will be available for future reference.
All course materials, including PDFs, presentations, and relevant resources, will be provided to facilitate your learning.
Yes, after completing the course, you’ll have access to doubt-clearing sessions and a public forum to stay connected with fellow students and the instructor.
Numerovastu can help you understand your strengths, challenges, and favorable directions to create a balanced and harmonious environment at home, fostering better relationships and overall well-being.
Absolutely! The course equips you with the necessary knowledge and certification to become a Vastu & Numerology consultant and help others transform their lives.
Yes, as a course participant, you’ll receive approximately 50% off on remedies and consultations, ensuring continued support on your journey.
Simply click on the “Enroll Now” button on the landing page, and you’ll be guided through the quick and easy enrollment process.